Just One Smile is Very Alluring Drama Review

Okay, I have just finished watching the drama of one of my favorite novel, Just One Smile is Very Alluring by Gu Man, which is translated to english by Dreams of Jianghu .


photo from Dreams of Jianghu (not mine)

I loved the novel to pieces, it’s such a great story about a s school prince and a faculty beauty whose hobbies to game! And it’s an IT like background story, so exciting!


There’s a drama and movie version of this novel called Love 020. The movie is starred by Jing Boran and Angelababy. Aaaaaand….the drama is starred by Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang. Well, the drama is sooo melting, quite novel-like which is great! Just some plot being twisted here and there to give some flavor.

The Da shen character, Xiao Nai played by Yang yang is quite brain-paralysing LOL. I’m dreaming here and there because the drama. I recommend you, whoever loves romance and have no problem watching Chinese drama to open your browser and go surf the title! I found some episodes being subbed, english subbed, by a website called hdfree.nu. Just browse the title and you can watch as well as download! Enjoy!


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