NodeJS and C#! A beautiful combination indeed!

Hi! I was stumbling around to solve my problem. Which is to communicate my hosted site with a hardware.

Ya know, I need to trigger the hardware through the button on the hosted site, surprisingly well, I met this beautiful combo. Which I myself try, albeit a bit complicated.

NodeJS which is javascript basic, is well received on cross platform and OS. So I used this to trigger the hardware in C#, since I developed my site on Apache and hosted on different server.

Have you heard about EdgeJS?

If you have not then, it’s time to know!

This is a NodeJS module, which can run C# command. Cool right? It’s awesome, indeed super! I loved it… try checking here dear, EdgeJS by Tjancuk.

So I have button in my hosted site as I said before, and I want to trigger to do something by the hardware. The story is, I put the socket server in PC connected to hardware. This PC is exposed to internet. I will communicate this PC and my hosted site via socket.

Growth diary

I realized that acceptance part of growth.
Acceptance that not all friends in our life will understand our pain. Even to the closest people you have.

What we feel right now, be in pain or sadness, when they want to listen, people will. When they don’t, they will ignore it. Just treat this as a passing occurrence in their life, because the one experiencing is not them. It’s us, me.
They will get bored when a problem you bring to them is the same thing repeated over and over.
What we need is comfort, be it empty words or empty understanding. Consolation.

But then it makes me aware, that not all of them, our friends, family, lover, will be able to feel what we feel. They might not be available to hear what you ranting about. They might not be able to give you consolation. This is where you get loneliness coming in.

Actually, we just need to be accompanied. Talking other things is alright.

But this is what we need to understand, we cannot force them to console us, to understand us. They have their own life. This life is not about you alone. Each of us have problems, different problem.
I have been contradicting this, but slowly I can accept this, not everyone will be available when you need them to be. And that goes the same as you too. And for me too.


“as long as you are willing to take even one step forward, let me be the one to walk the remaining nine hundred and ninety-nine steps.”

Well, that’s what I got from reading one a sad ending novel. Apparently, this is one of my own wish also.

What if you give your heart, but the one you’re giving it to doesn’t want it?

I am willing to take the steps, but the one T’m taking my steps to, is not willing to…what to do to my remaining steps?

Separation and the pain following after is something to be understood. I hold on to last bit of hope, too many last bit, though it’s get crushed right after. No matter where I stand, this hope is extinguished.

By the one I’m hoping to, and by the nature called destiny.

I’ve been thinking if maybe I should fight it like they do, so this person heart will melt. Apparently.. hoping, is just hoping a hopeless thing. When I think about it, I decided to let go.. since this person is not willing to even listen or think any of it, and called it as problem…another problem. After all, I’m just another problem.

You’ve Got The Wrong House, Villain 07

knee slapping tl


Originally, her shift ends at 6 p.m. But today was different, Yuri closed the shop instead of Gilbert. It was dusk and completely dark. Yuri walked through the quiet street, feeling the distinctive joy of the night.

Thump… (heavy footsteps)

Then, at some point, I felt a sense of urgency, like someone was following me. I glanced sideways. I don’t think it’s a coincidence, but i’ll follow them just in case. It’s like the guy I just met…

What should I do.

Yuri agonized for a moment.

But soon, that idea seemed annoying and I decided not to do that. I was a little tired today because I left work late, so I didn’t want to deal with anyone.

She deliberately stepped into a strange alleyway. A moment later the same footsteps that followed her approached. Yuri shot out a thread as soon as the man entered the…

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Ancient Magus’ Bride

Long time no see!!

Though, who will come here ….sigh. Well anyway, whoever you are, wherever you are, good morning, good day, good night!

I have a fun weekend this week! Last Saturday, I spent my times gaming all day and going out ’till almost midnight! Yea and today, (again) gaming and browsing through my collection of unwatched animes! And here I remember one particular anime, this season, called Mahotsukai no Yome or Ancient Magus’ Bride. And boy, I’m hooked on to it!!!!

Some words has ripen with age and some has lost it’s color”


Credit to owner (image not mine)

See…behold the poster! So mysterious isn’t it? Hohoho

I watched it until 12 episodes, and looked in to this series, turns out theres 24 episodes for this series. Oh boy, I’m very happy! I thought it will be just 12 episodes with open ending…how I hate it! Orz

This series depicted a female heroine, as always, suffering since childhood, shunned and abandoned kind female lead, have a tragic life before meeting the Mage…(though still have tragic life till current aired eps). She is feeling soooo much despair, that being sold as slave is an okay thing, since she always get thrown here and there by her relatives. (Eh, sounds familiar.. yes, like Natsume Yuujinchou’s male lead!). And she is tired of it. Anyway, she can see otherworld beings and get shunned by everyone, i mean, everyone. And at an auction, where she is being sold as a slave, she is bought by the Mage, Elias or Ainsworth, oh , I’m so darn confused about his name, sooo much alias!  Aaand that’s how she met with the Mage! Ok that’s the end of the spoiler, no more spoiler for you! (It looks ike an intro though, hmm). Watch it!

I found the plot is good and the rest of the story, i don’t know how it will turn out. I think the manga itself is still ongoing, so, I hope the anime will not get nonsensical ending for the rest of the episode. I prayed with all of my heart and tears!

Aye, that’s all I can say. Check the anime out! It’s really interesting, soo many words like Scottish (or British?) since it was set at Britain like society. And thank you! I’m going to sleep! Night!!

[Eng and Pinyin] Once Familiar with the Scenery – General and I OST- William Wei & Claire Kou

Our Sunshine

“Once Familiar with the Scenery” is the 2nd OST released for General and I.  William Wei and Claire Kou harmonize beautifully and the lyrics sync with many different love lines  in this drama.

As always, a big “Thank You” to xah for translating and sharing with us the meaning of this song. Since Christmas is just around the corner, consider them as her gifts to all fans of Wallace and the novel.

All the translations below are done by xah. please don’t take them without credit.

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Poem: A Thousand Flamingos

A Thousand Flamingos

This life has been a landscape of pain

and still,

flowers bloom in it.

Sanober Khan

Hello everyone around the world! I have not tired yet of imitating Nanaki.

Today I want to share gorgeous poem by Sanober Khan. Actually I just came across it when i read one of beautiful and heart-wrenching-but-must-read novel called Falling Dreams of Fang Hua. You can find it on Volaretranslation.

This novel has a sad plot and very beautiful poems inserted here and there. So much portray of beautiful things! From this translator too I knew Ephemeral Beauty Song, which is a soundtrack to the Dream of The Red Chamber, that is very beautiful. Good day!

K-Drama Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Hulla hoop! Good night everyone around the world. Hope you’re having a great day today.

Have you watched the latest super melancholy and beautiful drama Goblin: The Lonely and Great God? I knew that the Goblin’s promo and teaser is super active, which is made me anticipate this drama so much… great move!


credit to asianwiki

It’s day +2 since the airing of drama Goblin’s episode. And I have just finished watching it. It’s such a great drama. Moreover it’s been a while I didn’t try to jump through episode in watching a K-drama. I watched these first two episode with much patience and interest, resulting of being wrapped in a bubbly feeling. It’s like being sent back to the little girl’s mind on fairytale because it’s such a fairytale wrapped in a drama. And no doubt, I chose it well, since I didn’t really like Kim Eun Sook’s prior drama, except Secret Garden. And in this drama, not only an OTP but two!

The drama starring Gong Yoo as Goblin. Lee Dong Wook as amnesiac grimreaper. Kim Go Eun as can I say, innocent and muddled high school girl(?) is said to be  born as Goblin’s bride. Yoo In Na as Sunny, a beautiful-and-hot-and-not-unemployed that has something going on with amnesiac grimreaper. And last but not least, Seung Jae played as the normal human that involved with them.

The drama conflict is begun from approximately 300 years or so back in time, where Gong Yoo is a human and died, gaining an immortality through being a Goblin, in which he died in a tragic way. And tired from living in immortality wanted to rest in peace. Apparently, in doing so he will need the Goblin’s bride to pull the sword so that he can die. Ah, such a melancholy from the start. You need to meet your lover to die, such a way to cease exist. And since from then he searched long and far the much intended bride to pull the sword. And fate brought him to met Kim Go Eun, innocent and muddled girl, which can see spirits, with flavor of being an orphan and living with cruel aunt, geez, tragic as always, this writer. Up to here, fate one again brought Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook to live as owner and tenant. It’s giving a nice break from the melancholy, with the supernatural being closed in on a house, of course, it’s because of Seung Jae. Such a bromance.


credit to dramafever

From my point of view, although Kim Go Eun is not qualified being a Goblin’s bride for now, she and Gong Yoo is (already) having a mutual attraction. Please don’t mind the high school girl role, since Gong Yoo isn’t an ahjussi, but an ancestor being in this drama. While Gong Yoo is brooding, he as a great god, can make the whole city to get a downpour with lightning flashing. Wow, such a mood could affect weather!


credit to owner

That’s the main OTP. For second OTP, Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na part isn’t really got revealed yet. I guess we will need to wait for this Friday to come.


credit to dramabeans

Another one I liked from this drama, is the video and OST. For the video editing, it’s superb with landscape, flashing scene coming here and there. It’s beautiful! I liked the insert song, though I don’t know much, and importantly ending soundtrack Stay With Me which is performed by Chanyeol EXO and PUNCH, such melancholy indeed.

Then, happy watching!

J-dorama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu

Hello everyone around the world, it’s Greenleaf.

Well, I got carried away with those greetings because of Nanaki. Hilarious character from Lightning Empress Nanaki currently is being translated by Hecate. I have not had any light novel that’s being very entertaining and refreshing. Well if you’re interested head over there and read, it’s a refreshing story, really.

Okay, today I want to share about this amazing drama. I have not been watching Japanese drama these days, because there was too much politics and serious genre which is too much for my poor brain. I don’t want to think when I watch a drama, seriously, I’m sorry. Lol.

Well, here, I guess I got pulled in by this j-drama with lighthearted genre, rom-com like drama, Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu. It’s still airing for now though, in which I wrote this post. Well this drama is I seriously recommend for romance drama hunter, especially for j-drama rom-com maniac.


(image not mine. credit to asianwiki)

This drama depicted about how one is being unemployed wanted to get job and the struggle to find love at the same time.  Apparently the male lead is, being a self-proclaimed pro bachelor which is lasted for 35 years long, being difficult to understand. And much being, it’s a programmer! Yes I have a thing about programmer, lol. The female lead, which is played by the beautiful Aragaki Yui, is a blunt and cheerful person. The male lead is played by Gen Hoshino is a programmer and a serious person. Well, since in this drama Mikuri Moriyama (Aragaki Yui), is an unemployed and have no money or house in the city so she proposed to work as housewife in Hiramasa Tsuzaki (Gen Hoshino) ’s home since her parents is moving to Chiba, I guess a suburb area. Hiramasa is a programmer which doesn’t like his house in a mess and likely he liked it neat, in order and systematic and he doesn’t want to lose his latest housekeeper, Mikuri. And in the lieu of Mikuri they agreed to live together with normal marriage registration but not really married, since Mikuri is just a housekeeper in reality. But the reality and the agreement is blurred into gray zone until the fall for each other.

And here the romance is quite good in plot development, there’s the contract in the seemingly “marriage” which is like an invisible wall between them. Moreover, Hiramasa’s low self-esteem is making it hard for the blunt and cheerful Mikuri to advance forward, although they are feeling for each other, but it’s progressed little by little, yes, a slow romance. Aaaand, there’s of course a love rival! An ikemen one! Fighting Hiramasa! There’s another characters, which is hilarious, like Mikuri’s aunt that have not married yet until she finally realized that she is stepping into 50 soon. And another is Numata-san that likely to be sharp but always misunderstood things, and the Hino family, which is always got a fever when he is going to visit Hiramasa’s.


(image not mine. credit to owner)

I read somewhere, apparently this drama is adapted from manga with the same title, though, I didn’t find any English translated one, and I’m lacking in Japanese language. Well, I guess I will just wait and if you have not watch it yet, check them out now!